LED Lighting & Accessories

Golden Crescent Communications Services offers many sizes of LED lighting for every kind of vehicle big or small. We outfit patrol cars, fire trucks, pilot cars, ATVs, construction trucks, oilfield trucks, hunting vehicles, 18-wheelers and boats. We carry many sizes or LED Light Bars, Spotlights, and Flush mount lights. Come by and check out our display lights, to outfit your next vehicle!

LED Lights

Streamlight flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, beacon, square & round LED lights, light bars, mini light bars, low profile stretch LED light bars, standard LED Arrow boards, Mega LED light bars, LED stick lights, Luminator Lights, LED Mega 63 linear lights, Dash lights, Visor lights, flashers, switches and brackets.

Installation of Lights

Mobile Office Solutions

Jotto Desk, RAM Mounts, GPS Wireless, power supplies & inventors